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 “Clients should feel empowered to move at a comfortable pace in therapy and to determine goals that fit with their unique life experiences and values.”

The Wellness Approach to Mental Health

At first glance it may appear too hard. Look again.  Always look again. -Mary Ann Radmacher

Therapy is a place to gain new perspective
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Therapy is a place to learn new approaches to thinking about problems
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Therapy is a place to gain new skills for managing stress
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Therapy is a place to help families work better together every day
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Therapy is a place where you can feel heard and work through difficult situations
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How Can We Help You

If you are seeking therapy for the first time, you might be unsure of what to expect or how you may benefit from working with a professional. While every person truly has a unique journey in therapy, there are some common things that many clients choose to work on. 

Understand Emotions

Emotions are a vital part of our everyday life. However, if we experience intense emotions, we can quickly begin to feel overwhelmed or confused. It is common for this to leave many people feeling, or acting out, of control.  Learn to understand what your emotions are telling you and how to use them to your benefit.

New Perspectives

It is easy to fall into unhelpful patterns of thinking that may cause us to misinterpret our experiences, or get stuck ruminating on the same things over and over. Shifting our perspectives or learning how to think about things in a different way, can keep us from taking on a distorted view of our experiences and keep us moving forward.

Coping Skills

Everyone faces difficult experiences in life. While there are times that we can change circumstances, there are also times when we can do little to change what is happening in the moment.  Expand your toolbox for dealing with difficult emotions and experiences instead of letting them overwhelm you or make your feel stuck. 

Healthy Relationships

 Even the best of relationships encounter struggles and conflict at times. It is common to feel frustrated, unheard, or misunderstood in partnerships, but knowing what to do next is not always easy. Learn healthy communication skills, connect more deeply with others, and set effective boundaries in your life.

Manage Stress

Life can easily become stressful and overwhelming. Whether you are struggling to find balance and time for your own self-care in a fast-paced world, or dealing with difficult circumstances, managing stress can be challenging. Learn to prioritize your wellness, live your life with more intentionally, and find ways to enjoy the small moments again. 

Hope and Healing

Difficult life experiences often have a significant impact on the way people experience and connect with the world around them. For some, these experiences lead to feelings of worry, hopelessness, or constant danger. Reclaim your life and find the strength and hope you deserve to move forward and create the life you were meant to live.

Day on a calm river
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